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Manufacturer Introduction

For nearly 40 years, APC has become the industry standard for reliable power and physical IT infrastructure. Now as the leader in the IT department, regardless of size, among their large channel partners, their history of innovation has pushed their products to the infrastructure, management and data security solutions that provide protection to organizations around the world. Under the global spotlight.

In 1981, American Power Conversion Corporation was established to focus on the research and development of solar power. APC, which was formed by three MIT engineers, opened a production facility in Rhode Island in 1986. The company also produced its first UPS, 450AT+, which was acquired. PC Magazine's "Editor's Choice" award. In 1988, APC shares were listed and traded.

In 1989, the award-winning PowerChute? software was introduced, which revolutionized power management. In the same year, the product was sold through two major distributors, Tech Data and Ingram Micro. In 1990, APC continued to introduce superior products such as Smart-UPS. The ? product line is now recognized as the preferred network power protection solution in the industry. In the same year, company president and CEO Rodger B. Dowdell, Jr. was awarded the New England Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. Magazine.

Throughout the 1990s, APC entered other markets with 155 new products, such as the SurgeArrest? surge protector; Matrix-UPS?, the industry's first modular UPS; the new generation of Smart-UPS; the company's first Back-UPS Pro ? models; and the Symmetra? Power ArrayTM, which revolutionizes the industry with redundancy, scalability and maintainability in a single solution. The development of these products, the completion of two international production facilities (Galway, Ireland, 1994 and the Philippines, 1996), and the acquisition of Systems Enhancement Corp. and Silcon A/S, in 1998, promoted APC's annual revenue to over 10 A milestone of billions of dollars.

APC entered the residential technology market with PowerShield in 1999, a solution for the growing broadband demand in residential cable and fixed wireless applications. Since then, the company has entered the new millennium with three strategic acquisitions. These three acquisitions have opened up three markets: the DC power supply market for communications equipment; the cable and connectivity market for home and enterprise IT applications; and for data centers and communications. The precise refrigeration market for equipment. After the acquisition of ARRIS in 2001, APC further expanded its capabilities in broadband networking power. In 2002, APC introduced PowerStruXureTM, the first product in its Network Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) architecture, revolutionizing data center power management. In the same year, the company entered the Nasdaq 100 Index, which covers the 100 largest non-financial stocks in the market.

In 2003, InfraStruXureTM was first introduced. Its integrated power, cooling, cabinet, management and service delivers an open, adaptable and integrated solution that has won nearly 20 awards worldwide. The world's first chassis, the TravelPowerTM Case with built-in device charging capabilities, was also immediately successful. In 2004, the InfraStruXure product line expanded to include refrigeration systems and online power generation. In the same year, APC won more than 100 awards worldwide for its outstanding performance in products and business. Based on the success of PowerStruXure since 2002, APC has expanded its NCPI content after acquiring Netbotz, a startup technology company that addresses the physical security issues of IT equipment and enables APC to leverage industry expertise. Extends to the management and security categories.

On February 14, 2007, APC was acquired by Schneider Electric, a European multinational company known worldwide for its expertise in energy management and automation. The establishment of the Critical Power & Cooling Services (CPCS) business unit now includes the APC and MGE UPS Systems brands.



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