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Anpec Electronics Coropration

  • Full Name : Anpec Electronics Coropration Manufacturer
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  • Country : Taiwan

Manufacturer Introduction

Anpec Electronics was established in October of the Republic of China in Taiwan to enhance the domestic power analog design environment and establish an independent analogy and power-related industries. Mainly engaged in analog IC design, testing, production, and marketing business, product line mainly includes power conversion and power management IC, amplifier and driver IC and discrete power components three categories. Anpec offers complete power solutions and high performance/price ratio products to enhance the added value of customer products and is expected to become the world's leading supplier of power and analog products.

ANPEC is a fabless semiconductor company engaging in power IC, mixed-signal IC, and power discrete devices design. The ultimate mission of the company is to integrate the best infrastructure of the semiconductor manufacture environment in Taiwan and to promote the analog IC design capability.APEC is taking "integrity, innovation, passion, execution, customer-oriented " as the core culture. The company is dedicated to developing high-performance analog and mix-signal ICs for the broad computing, communication, and consumer markets.

To integrate the best infrastructure of the semiconductor manufacture environment in Taiwan and to promote the analog IC design capability here are the ultimate missions of ANPEC. ANPEC has received ISO9001 (2000) and ISO14001 (2004) certification. The range of the products includes switching regulators, voltage references, low dropout regulators, battery management ICs, voltage supervisors, power switches, amplifiers, drivers and power MOSFETs.The products are widely used in the computer, communication and consumer applications such as motherboard, VGA card, notebook, mobile, PND system, LCD TV, LCD panel, fan, inverter, WLAN card, and ATX power supply.

ANPEC is product portfolio consists of Power Management ICs, Amplifiers and Driver ICs, Discrete Power Components.


Consumer electronics communication/network


  • APL3516 pdf of ANPEC

    Size: 251 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-24

    The APL3516A/B/C/D series are 40mW (3.3V input) high side load switches with an EN logic input and an OCB fault indication output. The protection features include current-limit pr...



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