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Manufacturer Introduction

Amprobe is a leading manufacturer of safe, reliable electrical test tools for industrial, commercial and residential applications with over 500 products worldwide.


Amprobe began life in Long Island, NY in 1948 under the name Pyramid Instrument Company. Among Amprobe’s first products was the Inductive clamp meter “Amprobe”, for which the company received its first patent in September 1950. The Amprobe name became so synonymous with clamp meters that in 1960 the company name was formally changed to Amprobe Instrument Corporation. Amprobe continued to design, manufacture and distribute products from its Lynbrook, NY location until it was merged to form ATP and relocated to South Florida in late 1999. In 2006 Amprobe was acquired by the Danaher Corporation and moved its worldwide headquarters to Everett, Washington.

Amprobe is product portfolio consists of Multimeter (voltage/current/resistor/capacitance/temperature), multi-purpose tester, pipeline tracking locator, grid harmonic analyzer and ultrasonic leak detector.


Consumer Electronics Portable Devices Communication / Network Transportation / Automotive Industry / Automation Ship / Aerospace



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