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AMI Semiconductor
  • AMI

  • Full Name : AMI Semiconductor Manufacturer
  • Site : www.onsemi.cn

Manufacturer Introduction

AMI Semiconductor was acquired by ON Semiconductor.ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON) is committed to promoting the creation of energy-efficient electronics.

New, enabling customers to reduce global energy use. ON Semiconductor is leading the supply of semiconductor-based solutions

Energy-efficient power management, analog, sensor, logic, timing, interworking, discrete, system-on-a-chip (SoC) and customizers

Lineup. The company's products help engineers solve their problems in automotive, communications, computing, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, and aviation.

AMI Semiconductor

Unique design challenges for air and defense applications. The company operates a keen, reliable, world-class supply chain and quality project, and is located in the north.

Key market operations in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific include business networks including manufacturing plants, sales offices and design centers.