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Alps Electric Inc
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Manufacturer Introduction

ALPS Electric, Inc. is the worldwide manufacturer of tactile switches and PC card connectors, a leader in the manufacture of potentiometers and encoders, and they hold 35% of the global market share with other small type switches. ALPS has provided cutting-edge electronic components based on innovative, proprietary technology and market outlook since 1948.

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The Alps Internal Company (formerly Alpine Electric) is a manufacturer of integrated electronic components, providing approximately 40,000 electronic components to approximately 2,000 customers in the world, including automotive, home appliances, mobile communications, and industrial equipment. Consumers rarely see their company's products directly in their daily lives.

However, the products of the Alps internal company (formerly Alps Electric) are active around everyone. Take this opportunity to introduce you to electronic components and the Alps internal company.

Alps is product portfolio consists of sensor/Potentiometer/Connector/Communication module/switch/Encoder.


  • RK27 Series of ALPS

    Size: 258 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-23

    From this pdf you will get more information about RK27 Series of ALPS, just read it carefully.



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