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ADE, Inc. [ ADE ]

For over 35 years, ADE has been committed to design, develop and efficiently produce protective packages and packaging materials. This effort starts with an assurance that after their products have traveled in their packages and are unpacked by their customer, they will be in the condition that you intend them to be in - thus controlling damage costs due to shipping, the single largest factor in total packaging cost savings. 

First,they reduce inventory costs by decreasing the number of packs you'll need for different sized products. Related to this, they manufacture packaging that can be stored flat when not in use, allowing you to reduce warehouse space for packaging supplies. This feature, in combination with reduced cube sizes of loaded packs, continues to save you money through lower freight costs. Secondly, you have the opportunity to continue to reduce their original purchase price with the guaranteed reliable re-use that's built into every one of their packs! Satisfaction through total packaging cost reduction is their promise to you. 

In 1980 they started delivering on this promise with just one patented packaging material that was designed to protect lighttheyight, fragile products only. Now, with seven unique packaging technologies, the scope of their promise has expanded. they now produce packages for products as small as micro optics and as large as one hundred pound flat screen televisions. their products are all available in a wide selection of standard sizes. Also, you will find that they have full capabilities in their state of the art design lab to develop custom packs that meet all the specific needs of their particular products. they can then fully test and confirm the performance levels of these packs in their test lab. In addition, for companies with electro-static control programs, they can build and test packs that meet their most demanding ESD requirements. As an ISO certified manufacturer, ADE has the capabilities to efficiently produce their order in full compliance with their quality, production and release quantity requirements. their goal is a simple one - to become a valued supplier to their company by fulfilling their promise to reduce their total packaging costs and provide complete packaging solutions. 





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