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Acromag – The Leader in Industrial I/O
Acromag is a multi-million dollar international corporation that combines more than 60 years of process monitoring and control experience with a solid background in high-tech computer design. 
Acromag supports engineers from the beginning of their education through their career.

Established in 1957, Acromag built its reputation designing critical measurement instrumentation equipment for the petrochemical and aerospace industries. Acromag, Inc. was soon recognized internationally as a leading designer of analog and digital control products for the industrial I/O market.

Today, Acromag's product line encompasses a wide variety of I/O devices for manufacturing, military, scientific, public utility, and transportation applications.

 For Process Instrumentation, Acromag's signal conditioning line features more than 100 transmitters, isolators, alarms, and computation modules. If networked I/O is required, Acromag offers analog and discrete I/O modules for Ethernet, Modbus, and Profibus.

For Real-Time Control Systems, Acromag provides a full line of high-performance analog, digital I/O and serial I/O bus boards for VMEbus, PCI, and CompactPCI? computer systems including IndustryPack? and PMC mezzanine modules.

Printed specifications reflect minimum performance standards that every product must meet or exceed before shipment. These conservative specifications guarantee a repeatable level of performance for all applications.

Strict quality control measures further assure you of the finest product. State of the art manufacturing and test equipment keeps Acromag's products the best in the world. Extensive burn-in procedures and demanding test requirements are among the strict quality control measures used to maintain the high levels of reliability that Acromag customers have come to expect. Over the last several years, Acromag has incorporated the latest techniques of statistical quality management to assure that we maintain and constantly improve our product quality.

Acromag's history
Acromag Celebrates 50 Years
The year 2007 was a great milestone for Acromag; it was our 50th Anniversary.Acromag's vision began in 1957 with our founder Henry Patton, a pioneer in the development of solid-state magnetic amplifiers. Through the decades, Acromag has continued with new concepts and ideas for a constant state of improvement. Today Acromag is a multi-million dollar international company serving manufacturing, military, transportation, utilities, and scientific research industries.
Process Instrumentation Innovations
1960s - Acromag designed and manufactured temperature transmitters and thermo-electric metal testers
1970s - Rack-mount I/O systems and field-mount transmitters
1980s - Remote data acquisition systems
1990s - μP-based signal conditioners
2000s - Distributed I/O
2010s - USB-configured instruments
Embedded Bus Board Innovations
1980s - Exorbus and VMEbus I/O Boards
1990s - Industry Pack modules and carrier cards
2000s - PMC modules, PCI and CompactPCI I/O boards, reconfigurable FPGA modules

2010s - XMC modules, VPX boards, industrial PCs

Acromag's products

Embedded I/O & Processor Products
AcroPack I/O ModulesCompactPCI I/O ProductsCOM ExpressCarrier BoardsIndustry Pack I/O ProductsPCI I/O ProductsPCIe ProductsPMC ProductsVME ProductsXMC ProductsVPX ProductsEmbedded Computers
Process Automation Products
Ethernet I/O ModulesModbus RTU I/O ModulesProfibus-DP I/O ModulesNetwork RepeatersTemperature TransmittersLimit AlarmsSignal Converters, TransmittersSignal Conditioning, Data AcquisitionMath Computation ModulesPanel MetersRelay I/O ModulesAccessories & Power Supplies4-20mA IsolatorsSignal Splitters

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