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Aavid Thermalloy, LLC
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Manufacturer Introduction

Aavid Thermalloy is the leading provider of thermal engineering and thermal management solutions to the industry. 

As the world's leader in thermal technologies and an integral part of the Total Integrated Solution for Cooling Electronics.

Aavid Thermalloy's mission is to help customers address thermal issues at all stages of product design.

Through continuing development of manufacturing and the improvement of sales capabilities,Aavid has become a professional supplier of the broadest portfolio of the thermal management solutions for various applications.

The company's main products include Standard Electrical Packages,Surface Mount Components,Ball Grid Arrays (BGA),DC to DC Converters,Electrolytic Capacitors,IGBT Modules,LED Light Sources,Excusions,Max ClipsSystems,Liquid Cooled Cold Plates,Options and Accessories,Bonded Fin Heat Sinks,Integrated Heat Pipe Assemblies,Folded Fin Heat Sinks and Forced Convection Coolers.

The thermal management products are widely used in Personal Computing (PC) field including desktops, laptops, printers and peripheral cards and console video game systems.Besides,the thermal management products applications also include Non-PC segments involving servers (high-end and X86), network devices (switches, routers, and local area networks), telecommunications equipment (wireless base stations, satellite stations and PBXs), instrumentation (semiconductor test equipment, medical equipment and power supplies), transportation and motor drives (braking and traction systems, industrial motor drives) and other consumer electronics (set top boxes, audio equipment).

Aavid has three main factories located in Bologna,Italy,Dong Guan, China,Shanghai, China,Vadodara, India and Laconia, NH, USA.

The company is dedicated to reduce the cost of the products by choosing manufacturing locations with the rich labor resource.

The production facilities in the US and Europe are equipped to serve higher value-added projects.

 Besides,the sales and service offices spread all over the world.

Aavid is devoted to offering state-of-the-art engineering and design services to customers and providing assistance in solving difficult and complex thermal management problems by the professional engineering and design consulting offices in New Hampshire, California and India.

 Aavid is keeping close touch with the customers in the early design phase of product development convenient for the modeling and simulation.Besides,we can develop innovative product solutions by this mean.

Aavid Thermalloy plays a leading role in the global electronics thermal management industry.Aavid Thermalloy is always striving to solve the most challenging problems hand in hand.Aavid is pursuing high speed,technical innovation to bring convenience for the customers.

As a top Aavid Thermalloy components supplier, Jotrin has the largest collection of Aavid Thermalloy electronic components on the Internet. Withenormous network of dependable contacts, local sourcing, and O.E.M excess inventories,Aavidcan help you find any hard-to-find and factory new components that may not be available anywhere else.

 Whatever you are looking for, whatever type of electric components you require, Jotrin Electronics Limited. can help you find what you need.

Jotrin Electronics Limited. is dedicated to providing the very best experience tocustomers by offering only the highest quality Aavid Thermalloy components and superior customer service. With over $10 million of available inventory available, the largest line card online, and all grades of parts available (including mil-spec, industrial grade, and commercial grade parts), Jotrin Electronics Limited. is legendary forgreat selection and fantastic prices. 

When you get Aavid Thermalloy component parts through Jotrin Electronics Limited., you have the peace of mind that you are receiving the best electronic components at the most competitive prices.

Aavid is product portfolio consists of Finished products and custom designs for radiators and fans.


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