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3Y Power Technology [ 3Y Power ]

Over the past 30 years, 3Y Power Technology has steadily expanded its product offering and customer base. even if,most of the U.S. technology industry has sank, they have also enjoyed double-digit growth for many years.

Their current portfolio of innovative standard products and custom designs combined with our first-rate engineering core strengths, outstanding application support and familiar intelR power supply specifications enable us to respond quickly to customer needs - meeting the most stringent product requirements 。

In 2004, FSP Group (Taiwan) invested in 3Y Power Technology. Through this cooperation, the two companies are making huge profits from the powerful synergy created by this alliance.

Few companies truly have agile, flexible and creative engineering front ends, coupled with high-capacity, low-cost manufacturing backends. THEY DO. What's more, our outstanding frontline engineering support team provides the highest level of technical capabilities that enable us to quickly meet the ongoing needs of our customers, including those related to the final product system.

Through these advantages, they can provide a unique combination of four key advantages: 
1,Superior technical support
2,Fast time-to-market,
3,Innovative design
4,The low production cost required to keep customers competitive in their respective markets. 

So Jotrin chose this dynamic company and went to sell their products. Picking out high-quality products and returning them to customers is the belief of the company. 

It is the original heart of Jichi that customers can enjoy the changes brought by cutting-edge technology.

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