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3M Electronic Solutions Division designs, manufactures, and markets a wide variety of electronic interconnect products. 3M provides reliable and effective connector solutions for problems faced by electronic equipment manufacturers and assemblers serving the worldwide market. 

The 3M manufacturing team has over 30 years experience in precision molding, stamping, assembling, and testing. 3M is committed to Six Sigma methodologies and uses ISO 9002 quality process standards to ensureproducts meet specifications for long-term reliability.

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3M Touch Systems, a business group of the Optical Systems Division of 3M, was created by 3M in 2001 through the acquisition of two established touchscreen companies: Dynapro Systems and MicroTouch Systems. 3M Touch Systems is comprised of three business groups: Touch Screen Sensors, Touch Monitors, and Specialty Sensor Products, addressing the primary touch markets of Gaming/Entertainment, Point-Of-Sale (POS), Point-Of-Information (POI), Self-Service Kiosks, Financial, Portable, Handheld, and Consumer products.

The types of products manufactured by 3M Touch Systems include Products and Technologies include Touch Screen Sensors under the brand "MicroTouch touchscreen sensors", Resistive: analog 4-Wire and 8-Wire and Capacitive: analog ClearTek II Technologies, Touch Monitors under the brand "MicroTouch touch monitors", LCD Touch Monitors available in resistive and ClearTek II capacitive technologies, ChassisTouch LCD Touch Monitors available in ClearTek II capacitive technology.

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