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  • Size: 5477 Kb Published Time: 2020-03-25
    The HARTING Technology Group is skilled in the fields of electrical, electronic and optical connection, tramission and networking, as well as in manufacturing, mechatronics and software creation. The Group uses these skills to develop customized solutio and products such as connecto for energy and data tramission applicatio including, for example, mechanical engineering, rail technology, wind energy plants, factory automation and the telecommunicatio sector. In addition, HARTING also produces electro-magnetic components for the automobile industry and offe solutio in the field of Enclosures and Shop Systems. The HARTING Group currently comprises 36 subsidiary companies and worldwide distributo employing a total of approximately 3,300 staff.
  • Size: 544 Kb Published Time: 2018-12-14
    The PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit supplies on-board circuitry for full debug and programming capabilities and includes an integrated Bluetooth HCI module. Optionally, the starter kit board may be coupled with an expaion daughter board through its expaion header interface.
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    Download AR9344 5.8G High Power CPE Module specification at Jotrin Electronics.For more help, please contact the technical team.