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  • Size: 91 Kb Published Time: 2018-12-15
    A customer who develops an MCU-based application needs various levels of flexibility in order to perform code modificatio at different times in the life cycle of the product (these levels are explained on the next page). To satisfy these requirements, STMicroelectronics supports several device types within two main groups of microcontroller product families: – EPROM, OTP, FASTROM and ROM microcontroller families – Flash, FASTROM and ROM microcontroller families This Application Note discusses the second group of families. For information on the fit group, refer to Application Note AN886
  • Size: 129 Kb Published Time: 2018-12-15
    This application note describes the design of a boot loader program that resides in a reserved area of Flash memory on the F6482 Series of MCUs, a member of Zilog’s Z8 Encore! XP family. The boot loader can be used to update an application in the nonreserved area of Flash without the operator having to itall the complete Zilog Development Studio (ZDS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This allows the application firmware to be field-upgraded to provide new or updated features after the device has been deployed to end-custome. The UART-based boot loader is a tiny assembly language program (less than 1 KB in size) that implements an interactive coole over one of the integrated UART devices on the F6482 series. Menu commands are used to erase the existing application from Flash memory, download a new firmware image in Intel Hex format, and then restart the system for the new application program to take effect.
  • Size: 4635 Kb Published Time: 2018-12-14
    This application note describes how to use the peripheral elements of Zilog’s Z16FMC Series of Flash Motor Control MCUs, which include an ADC, a UART, an I2C, a PWM,an SPI and 16-bit time.