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  • Size: 67 Kb Published Time: 2018-12-14
    This article is a general discussion of distributed capacitance, Cd, in traforme with emphasis on measurement. We will discuss how capacitance occu, references to formula for calculating,how capacitance is modeled, how Cd is measured (with three cautionary notes) and guidelines to aid in evaluating / measuring Cd.
  • Size: 1224 Kb Published Time: 2018-12-14
    CableEye is an expandable and upgradable diagnostic and Pass/Fail Cable and Harness Test System that’s PC-based. It’s used for assembly, prototyping, production, and QC of standard or custom wire cables and harnesses. Each of our five models itantly measures, displays, and documents basic electrical properties. Both HiPot models, for example, can test resistance, dielectric breakdown, iulation resistance, miswires, and sporadic defects