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TIG052TS Light-Controlling Flash Applications

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Any and all SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. products described or contained herein are, with regard to "standard application", intended for the use as general electronics equipment (home appliances, AV equipment, communication device, office equipment, industrial equipment etc.). The products mentioned herein shall not be intended for use for any "special application" (medical equipment whose purpose is to sustain life, aerospace instrument, nuclear control device, burning appliances, transportation machine, traffic signal system, safety equipment etc.) that shall require extremely high level of reliability and can directly threaten human lives in case of failure or malfunction of the product or may cause harm to human bodies, nor shall they grant any guarantee thereof. If you should intend to use our products for applications outside the standard applications of our customer who is considering such use and/or outside the scope of our intended standard applications, please consult with us prior to the intended use. If there is no consultation or inquiry before the intended use, our customer shall be solely responsible for the use.



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