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The ARM selection guide

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Our microcontroller offering combines the highest performance in Flash with the lowest power consumption in the smallest packages. A comprehensive portfolio of industryleading performers includes the latest 32-bit LPC3000, LPC2000, LPC1000, LH7A, LH7. We offer an easy migration path from 32-bit solutions.

LPC1000 family

The LPC1100 series, based on the ARM Cortex-M0, is the lowest-priced 32-bit MCU solution in the market. It delivers unprecedented performance, simplicity, low power, and dramatic reductions in code size for every application. Based on the ARM Cortex-M3 core operating at up to 150 MHz, the LPC1800 and LPC1700 series are low power 32-bit microcontrollers featuring a broad range of serial interfaces and are ideal for a broad range of applications, such as eMetering, Medical, POS, and Industrial networking. The LPC1300 series, also based on the Cortex-M3 core, are very low power and includes on-chip USB drivers incorporated in ROM to greatly simplify USB implementation.

LPC2000 and LH7 families

Based on an ARM7TDMI-S core operating at up to 84 MHz, these 32-bit microcontrollers deliver high performance and low power consumption in a cost-effective package. In addition to offering integrated LCD support, they offer a wide range of peripherals, including multiple serial interfaces, Ethernet, USB Host/OTG, CAN, and external bus options and are designed for use in generalpurpose and specialty embedded applications such as industrial control, automotive, medical, and connectivity.



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