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IK Semicon electronic components are being sold hot at Jotrin Electronics.

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1.Who are IK Semicon

IK Semicon is a manufacturer of electronic components in Korea,it is one of the professional semiconductor companies in Korea which has been taking care of the IC's design, manufacturing in the field of the Standard Logic IC.

IK Semicon has its own concept and has been developing continuously in the electronics industry. The electronic products they produce are also popular among more and more people.

The specific introduction about IK Semicon

2.Why choose to supply for  IK Semicon electronic components

As a supplier of electronic components, jotrin Electronics supplies high quality and affordable electronic components to our customers. 

IK Semicon's products are trustworthy.Their products can meet the needs of customers. They have the potential to compete with international brand manufacturers.

Although IK Semicon is currently not competitive in the global market.

But We believe that the electronic components produced by IK Semicon will get better and better, which is one of the reasons why we choose IK Semicon.


In order to make our customers enjoy more benefits and discount, we regularly hold promotions for some electronic components. 

This time we chose electronic components produced by IK Semicon. You will purchase the IK Semicon components on the list at the best price. For details, please contact us by email.

In order to facilitate more customers to find the electronic components of IK Semicon we supply, we have carefully organized the popular IK Semicon components. 

Below is the list of related IK Semicon electronic components.

No IK Semicon model package description Main Application
1 ILN2003ADT SOP-16 Darlington Transistor Arrays Home Appliances
2 IK62083N DIP-18 8 CH Darlington Sink Driver Home Appliances
3 IK62783N DIP-18 8 CH High-Voltage Source Driver Home Appliances
4 ILN2003AN SOP-16 Darlington Transistor Arrays Home Appliances
5 IK2804DT SOP-8 Constant-Current LED Driver(4CH) LED Lighting, Home Appliances
6 IL358DT SOP-8 Dual Operationgal Amplifier Common
7 IL1117C-xx SOT-223 Low Dropout Voltage Regulator Common
8 IL34118DWT SOP-28 Voice Switched Speakerphone IC Telephone, Wall-Pad(=Door Phone)
9 IK62783DT SOP-18 8 CH High-Voltage Source Driver Home Appliances
10 IL324DT SOP-14 Quad Operational Amplifier Printer, Common
11 ILX3232TSDT TSSOP-16 Interface IC(RS-232) Communication, Network, Card Reader, POS, CCTV-DVR, STB, Navigation, E-Meter
12 IK2102DWT SOP-28 LED Display Driver STB, DVR, Home Appliance
13 IN1307DT SOP-8 Real Time Clock Ics CCTV-DVR, Common
14 IL7101SDT SOP-8 Ground Fault Intterupters Earth Leakage Current Detector
15 ILX3232DT SOP-16 Interface IC(RS-232) Communication, Network, Card Reader, POS, CCTV-DVR, STB, Navigation, E-Meter
16 IN74LS07DT SOP-14 Logic IC (74LSxxx Series) Printer, Common
17 IL2418N DIP-8 Two-Tone Telephone Ringer with Diode Bridge Telephone
18 IL2576-xx TO-220, TO-263 Switching Voltage Regulator Power, Common
19 IN7100N DIP-40 Automotive Digital Clock IC Car
20 ILX485DT SOP-8 Interface IC(RS-485) Communication, Network, Card Reader, POS, CCTV-DVR, STB, Navigation, E-Meter
21 IL34262DT SOP-8 Power Factor Controller Power, Lighting
22 IN74HCT04ADT SOP-14 Logic IC (74HCTxxxx Series) Printer, Common
23 ILX232DT SOP-16 Interface IC(RS-232) Communication, Network, Card Reader, POS, CCTV-DVR, STB, Navigation, E-Meter
24 IW4069UBN DIP-14 Logic IC (4000 Series) Home Appliances, Common
25 IN74HC164ADT SOP-14 Logic IC (74HCxxxx Series) STB, Common
26 IK62083DWT SOP-18 8 CH Darlington Sink Driver Home Appliances
27 IL78L05PT SOT-89 Positive Voltage Regulator Common
28 IL34063ADT SOP-8 DC-to-DC Converter Common
29 IL393DT SOP-8 Dual Comparator Common
30 IK2107DWT SOP-24 LED Display Driver STB, DVD, DVR
31 IL2596-xx TO-220, TO-263 Switching Voltage Regulator Power, Common
32 IN74LS06DT SOP-14 Logic IC (74LSxxx Series) Printer, Common
33 IL2533ADWT SOP-28 Telephone One-Chip IC Telephone
34 ILX3485DT SOP-8 Interface IC(RS-485) Communication, Network, Card Reader, POS, CCTV-DVR, STB, Navigation, E-Meter
35 IL33193N DIP-8 Automotive Direction Indicator Car
36 TL431Z TO-92 Precision Low Voltage Reference Common
37 IL34119DT SOP-8 Low Power Audio Amplifier Common
38 IN7407DT SOP-8 Logic IC (74xx Series) Common
39 ILC555DT SOP-8 Timer IC Common
40 ILE4264-2GET SOT-223 Low-Drop Voltage Regulator (5V/100mA) Car
41 IL9910DT SOP-8 Universal High Brightness LED Driver LED Lighting
42 IN1232N DIP-8 Reset IC Common
43 IN1363DT SOP-8 Real Time Clock Ics CCTV-DVR, Common
44 KL34018DWT SOP-28 Voice Switched Speakerphone IC Telephone, Wall-Pad(=Door Phone)
45 ILE4278D PDSOP-14 Low-Drop Voltage Regulator (5V/150mA) Car
46 ILA82C251DT SOP-8 CAN Transceiver for 24V System Communication, Network, Car
47 IL33197AN DIP-8 Automotive Wash Wiper Timer Car
48 IL33153N DIP-8 Single IGBT Gate Driver Rice-Jar
49 IL9921/22 SOT-89 3-Pin Switch-Mode LED Lamp Driver Ics LED Lighting
50 IL91214AN DIP-16 Tone/Pulse Dialer wih Flash Function Telephone
51 IL33193-03N DIP-8 Automotive Direction Indicator Car
52 IL54123DT SOP-8 Ground Fault Intterupters Earth Leakage Current Detector
53 IK6501SDT SSOP-24 3-Phase Full-Wave Sine-Wave PWM Brushless Motor Controller Home Appliances(Refrigerator, Air-Conditioner)
54 IL4560DT / IL4580DT SOP-8 Dual Operationgal Amplifier Common
55 IL9961DT SOP-8 High Stability LED Driver LED Lighting
56 ILX75176DT SOP-8 Interface(RS-485) Communication, Network, Card Reader, POS, CCTV-DVR, STB, Navigation, E-Meter
57 IL4558DT SOP-8 Dual Operationgal Amplifier Common
58 IL339DT SOP-14 Quad Comparator Common
59 IL386DT SOP-8 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier Common
60 ILA7056B SIL-9MPF 5W mono BTL audio amplifer with DC volume control Audio
61 ILC556DT SOP-14 Dual Timer Common
62 BT8028-xx / 8031-xx TO-92 SIMPLE MELODY GENERATOR Common

More electronics components from IK

4. Is the IK Semicon product inventory in the list available?

Some people will doubt that the IK Semicon products we sell can't meet the needs of customers. Please don't worry, we sort out these electronic components model, which are our advantage stocks, whether the supply channel, the quantity of supply, and the price of electronic components. We are all trustworthy.

5. How do we find the details page for these products?

Most of the listed IK Semicon electronic parts can be found on the Jotrin website. You can find the details page through the product link in the form. If there is no product link, you can copy the product model you need and then in the search box. Looking for the page to reach the details page.

6. How to buy IK Semicon products from jotrin Electronics

Search for the IK Semicon components you need in the official website,then confirm the model whether is correct. You have two ways. First, if there is a mark price, you can place the order directly. Otherwise, you can send the inquiry through the product detail page,next, buy the IK Semicon product model you need at a lower price.

Second, contact us by email, then we will give you the exact price, and finally you can buy our products.

7. Finally,wish you a happy shopping and a satisfying shopping experience.