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The distinctive business way of Jotrin

Published:2017-03-01 17:24:34   Come From: Click Count:396

  2017 is a complex year which is full of challenges and opportunities. Every company in electronics industry is eager to be the biggest winner.  

  We didn’t say it, but we are working in this direction.We are committed to finding like-minded friends to cooperate together and develop together. There is a truth that always believed by us: Sincere cooperation can create a win-win situation.

  Today is a win-win day.  Some customers whom South Korea came to Jotrin to discuss our further cooperation. We are glad to meet customers like them,they always come with new opportunities. the meeting lasted for a long time and we reached a lot of good consensus.  We got many new ideas from this meeting, and lots of challenges and opportunities come to our eyes.  We are eager to make some changes,but it may hard us. For the purpose of survive to be stronger and stronger,we must make a decision.

  People can distinguish that our company is excellent in this industry,because we always keep this in mind and never give up: Customer first,  Reform,  Innovation,  Truth and Development!
  The world is changing, but our heart never change!

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