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Team spirit of Jotrin

Published:2017-11-09 19:46:52   Come From: Click Count:180

Team philosophy: companies uphold honesty, standardize and efficient working principle, with integrity to win the market, service access to customers. Face the future, adhere to independent innovation.

Jotrin is not only to provide quality customer service, but also for all aspects of staff considerations. In order to promote harmonious co-existence among colleagues, to help each other. Last week the company organized a mountaineering activity. During this period, each colleague showed good qualities and enthusiasm. Through this activity, I believe all colleagues work will be better  in the future, so as to bring customers better service, better shopping experience.

Looking to the future, jotrin team will bring their spirit to our all customers. Customer first, Reform, Innovation, Truth and Development!

Welcome to Jotrin Family.