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Happy Thanksgiving Day

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In November of last Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Day is the original American people of an ancient festival, Carnical is the American holiday together, it brought the Americans always feel at home Thanksgiving the originator. In 1620, the famous " Mayflower" ship loaded with fed up with Britain's Puritan religious persecution arrived in the Americas 102. 1620 and 1621 at the turn of winter, they are hard to imagine the difficulties encountered, in the hungry and cold, the winter past, only 50 migrants survived bearer.

At this time, good-natured Indian immigrants brought to the necessities of life, specially sent to teach them how to hunting, fishing and planting corn, pumpkins. The help of indians, immigrants have finally got a good harvest, to celebrate good hrvest in the days to come, in accordance with religious traditions and customs, immigration provides a day thank God and decided to thank the Indians for the sincere help, invite tgen ti celebratethe festival together. In the first Thanksgiving Day of this Day of this day, Indians and immigrants gathered at dawn they let ming salute, parade into the church for a house, the expression of devout gratitude t God, and thenlit the fire, held a grand banquet. Held the second and third day of wresting running, singing, dancing and other activities. The first Thanksgiving Day was very successful. Celebrate the way many of them down more than 300 years, has been retained to this day.
Thanks a lot your support and happy Thanksgiving Day!