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Come and meet Jotrin at Moscow Russia

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Date: April 17-19, 2018
Exhibition hall: Crocus-Expo IEC exhibition centre, Moscow, Russia
Venue: Europe - Russia - Moscow
Exhibition industry: Components

Between 17th to 19th of April, 2018, we are paritipant of the 21st International exhibition of electronic components modules and system fair in Mosccow, Russia, one of the prestigioues fairs in the industry. Hall No:D517f. We are waiting for your valueable work with our products.

Come and meet Jotrin at Moscow!

Every year, the exhibition will welcome procurement managers, development engineers, process engineers, circuit design engineers, design engineers, electrician engineers, maintenance engineers, and system engineers from manufacturers, engineering companies, distributors, and retailers. This exhibition comes from radio electronics, industrial electronics, military complexes, microelectronics, instrumentation engineering, telecommunications, industrial automation, bright engineering, IT, aircraft manufacturing, security systems, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, medical devices, electronics, power industry , aerospace and construction, atomic industry, petroleum industry, cable industry, transportation and logistics, optoelectronics, metallurgy, metal processing, natural gas, automotive, chemical and coal industries and other products, 42% of visitors must participate in this exhibition every year,  more and more new visitors come to attend the show.

You can visit our web site: http://www.jotrin.com/

Come and meet Jotrin at Moscow!