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Big family,Big joy--Jotrin Team

Published:2018-07-19 17:49:27   Come From: Click Count:213

Last weekend,on July. 14 and 15,Jotrin travelled to Xun Liao Wan,which is a beautiful tourist attraction near by Shenzhen.
The first part of the tip is cycling around a beautiful town.We learned to enjoy the peace of life.
Living in the city,everyone is busy,and there is no time to stop the work to take a break and feel the peace of life.But in that beautiful town,we did it.We were riding on the road and enjoyed the scenery along the way.In the beatyiful town,we got spiritual relaxation.


The second part of our trip is drifting! We love drifting and we had a lot of fun with it.
It's a thrilling and stimulating water sports,it needs two people to cooperate,lots of people like it.From the drifting,we learned more about cooperation,fighting and reaching the goal.
unity is strength,the result of cooperation is a win-win situation.even though we exhausted all our strength,we felt happy satisfied.


Then in the evening we went to barbecue togehter!There are many good chefs,so we enjoyed a sumptuous dinner.
On the seaond day,we went to a cruise ship and enjoyed the sea scenery.We had a great weekend!