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2017.01 Grand annual meeting!celebrating!

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Grand annual meetingcelebrating

Highly appreciate your attention, we’re glad to show you a wonderful annual meeting from Jotrin.

The old year went, the New Year comes. It makes us happy, and it also make us sad. So, we hold an annual meeting to share our achievements, to relax our minds, to summarize the past and to imagine the future on January 7th, 2017.

Grand annual meeting

At first of the meeting, our general manager shared the achievements of the past year. We have an enviable industry ranking. All of these are due to the customer's supports. Yes, dear customers, thank you for your trust, Jotrin will always do our best to serve you on the electronic components' road!

The most interesting part is our show time. We prepared many performances to make fun on the annual meeting. The most notable program is called "My Fair Princess", it's really a funny show. Then we enjoyed the feast for a long time.

Grand annual meeting at jotrin

But the most important thing is that we demonstrated our unity and commitment. Jotrin is not only a company which can gather people to serve customers and gain profits, but also a family that everyone in it can feel warm.

Come to Jotrin, feel the different kind of warmth.