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2017 annual party of Jotrin

Published:2018-02-02 20:14:40   Come From: Click Count:219

As times go by,we waved our hands to say goodbye for the year of 2017,in which,there were laughter ,tears,surprises and impressions.

After the hard work by the whole Jotrin,we have earned a notable achievement in this unusual year.

We are reaching the new starting point.Looking back on 2017 and looking forward to 2018,we will try our utmost to add a new gloty to Jotrin.

jotrin family

Firsty,the general manager done the speech and leadership shared the annual report.

Secondly,it is show time.We prepared the wonderful performances and played the interesting games.

The last ,it was the exciting Lucky Draw after the dinner.

We are so happy and grateful having all of you with Jotrin this year.

As a mature professional electronic components distributor,we cherish your choice,Thank you so much for your support & cooperation.

We are willing to share with you the joy of the new year and look forward to the new year!