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  • Published time : 2019-02-18
    The program introduces Renesas Digital Still Cameras and the electronic components required in the solution.
  • Published time : 2018-03-27
    The home smart camera solution uses Hi3518EV200+LiteOS, and with the MTK7601 low-power WIFI module, it can realize lithium-battery-powered home smart IPC. In this solution, a human body sensor is used. When a person passes, the sensor is quickly turned on and recorded, and continuous recording is not required, thereby achieving low power consumption.
  • Published time : 2017-09-19
    The intelligent security solution utilizes smoke sensors, gas leak detectors, and smart door sensors to effectively realize early detection and early prevention of fire risks, gas leaks, and outside intrusions.
  • Published time : 2015-09-19
    The combustible gas detector is composed of a main control terminal KL05 series MCU and a Japanese NEMOTO catalytic combustion type combustible gas sensor, a display module, a button/remote control module, a 4-20 mA output module, an RS485 output module, and a relay output module.‚Äč
  • Published time : 2015-09-19
    Digital video intercom is an important part of the security field. Creating a perfect solution will help the rapid development of the smart home industry.
  • Published time : 2015-09-19
    The access control high-end architecture solution mainly uses NXP's powerful i.MX application processor, which can effectively realize facial recognition, and takes the first step for your home intelligence and residential safety.