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  • Published time : 2019-03-19
    NXP's TEA1836XT is a high-performance, low-cost DCM flyback converter controller that delivers high efficiency and low power consumption at all power stages with output power up to 75W, primarily for notebook adapters, printers, and televisions. Computer monitor.This article describes the general, green, and protective characteristics of the TEA1836XT.
  • Published time : 2019-02-15
    The rapid development of science and technology, the popularity of automobiles and the Internet have led more and more people to explore efficient and intelligent driving solutions.
  • Published time : 2018-10-23
    The mid-level UAV flight controller is ideal for high-end personal UAVs and research and commercial systems that require more advanced communication buses.Custom interfaces such as individual motor tachometers to detect failure or obstructions can be accommodated on a single chip by using an NXP MCU with integrated FlexIO.
  • Published time : 2018-09-27
    The IP camera video surveillance solution uses a powerful NXP processor to speed up data image processing and provide more stable and reliable performance.
  • Published time : 2018-09-25
    The solution framework combines Ethernet, FlexRay, CAN, LIN protocols and powerful microprocessors to ensure reliable, secure communication between electronic devices in the car.
  • Published time : 2018-08-15
    The Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Start-stop System Solution mainly involves three modules, the microcontroller (MCU), SYSTEM BASIS CHIP (SBC) and the PRE DRIVER MODULE, MOSFET. These components are combined to form a set of solutions. In the solution, we can freely choose the appropriate components. In addition, Jotrin Electronics will recommend relevant electronic components for you to help you quickly place orders and implement the corresponding solutions.