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  • Published time : 2019-04-18
    The AD5770R is a 6-channel, 14-bit resolution, low noise, programmable current output, digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for photonics control applications. The device incorporates a 1.25 V, on-chip voltage reference, a 2.5 kΩ precision resistor for reference current generation, die temperature, output monitoring functions, fault alarm, and reset functions.
  • Published time : 2018-09-20
    The advantages of the 40G LR4 QSFP+ optical module are high density, low cost, high speed, large capacity, and low power consumption.
  • Published time : 2017-09-20
    EDFA (Erbiur Doped Fiber Amplifer) is a representative one of fiber amplifiers. Since the EDFA has a working wavelength of 1550 nm, which is consistent with the low loss band of the optical fiber and its technology is relatively mature, it is widely used.