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Fighting the epidemic with technology-infrared thermal imaging and handheld thermometer solutions

Published time : 2020-02-27 handheld thermometer
Body temperature screening is one of the main methods for surveillance and case detection of new coronary pneumonia. Nowadays, infrared temperature measuring equipment is equipped in public places such as airports, railway stations, subway entrances, and residential areas, enterprise parks, shopping malls, and farmers markets

Solution Introduction

Handheld infrared thermometers have the characteristics of one-to-one testing and rapid temperature measurement; while infrared thermal imaging thermometers have many advantages such as rapid screening of abnormal targets, high accuracy, and non-contact temperature measurement to reduce safe operating costs. Both are regarded as "black technologies" to win the fight against epidemic prevention and control. In order to help customers launch such products faster and help to prevent and control the epidemic, jotrin specially launched handheld thermometers and infrared thermal imaging thermometer solutions.

Handheld infrared thermometer solution

The temperature measurement accuracy of this solution can reach +/- 0.2 ℃, realize 1S rapid temperature measurement, and have functions such as automatic shutdown, memory storage and high temperature alarm. Its components include: infrared temperature sensor, MCU, memory, LDO device, power management protection circuit, diode, operational amplifier and so on. The MCU of this solution uses Huada's HC32L136K8TA, and the infrared temperature sensor of the sensor part uses Shanghao's BM43THA80C or BM43TND-S2. Customers can choose according to market needs. In addition, in order to improve the accuracy of product temperature measurement, NTC temperature sensors and proximity sensors are added as precision compensation. In the power supply part, in order to reduce the influence of the power supply on the infrared temperature sensor, especially the analog output part, the LDO SGM2036 with low noise is used. Finally, in a low power consumption state, in order to ensure that the system can respond quickly, a Schottky diode is added from the battery to the MCU power supply section, so that the battery can directly supply power to the MCU.

Infrared thermal imaging thermometer solution

The infrared thermal imaging thermometer uses the processor to synthesize the photos taken by the camera and the infrared images taken by the infrared thermal imaging sensor, and then wirelessly transfer the synthesized image information to the background computer. The background software is used for image recognition and temperature Calculate to achieve the purpose of measuring human temperature. Its main components include: infrared thermal imaging module, MPU, CMOS sensor and wireless transmission module.

The MPU of the infrared imaging thermometer used in this solution uses HiSilicon Hi3556V200, and some of the sensor functions are mainly composed of a camera and an infrared thermal imaging sensor component. Among them, the camera uses Howell Technology OS04B10, which has high definition and high image transmission Rate and other characteristics. The infrared thermal imaging sensor module adopts iResearch Micro II 640P. After acquiring the image, the image information is transmitted to the computer through the WiFi wireless system.

Human infrared thermal imaging block diagram

In the infrared thermal imaging module solution, its infrared thermal sensor uses iResearch 610, and the FPGA uses LatticeECP5 series LFE5U-25F-6MG285C, as shown in the figure below.

Block diagram of infrared thermal imaging module

The following figure is a schematic diagram of infrared imaging and infrared temperature measurement products:

Infrared imaging and infrared temperature measurement products

The above is the solution of jotrin infrared thermometer. For the infrared thermometer, we can provide a complete set of PCBA solutions to customers. In terms of infrared thermal imaging solutions, jotrin has entered the development and testing stages. If necessary, please feel free to contact our customer service staff.

Key Components

No. Part Number Manufacturer
2 SGM2036-1.3YUDH4G/TR SGmicro
3 SGM2036-1.5YN5G/TR VB