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Multi-motor control solution based on Microchip dsPIC33CH

Published time : 2019-01-28 Microchip dsPIC33CH
Multi-motor control solution based on Microchip dsPIC33CH's main content: The block diagram of solution, the features of solution,the applications of solution, the benefits of solution.

Solution Introduction

This solution is based on Microchip's dsPIC33CH (dual-core DSC digital signal controller chip), which provides many benefits for developers of high-end embedded control applications.

In this design, the dsPIC33CH has two cores, one Master Chip and one secondary core Chip.

The secondary core can be used to execute time-critical dedicated control codes. The primary core is responsible for running the user interface, system monitoring and communication functions, and is tailor-made for the terminal application.

Microchip also designed the dsPIC33CH specifically to allow different design teams to separately develop code for each core and seamlessly integrate the two cores into a single chip.When the dsPIC33CH sub-core is dedicated to motor control, it can drive up to two brushless motors at the same time. In addition to communication, system monitoring, interface display and diagnosis, the main core can drive a brushless motor.

Microchip dsPIC33CH Master Chip Block Diagram

Microchip dsPIC33CH Master Chip Block Diagram

The motor control scheme based on the dsPIC33CH device design has several benefits over the traditional motor control scheme:

● Faster instruction execution speed
● Faster interrupt response speed
● Drive more brushless motors at the same time
● High integration reduces PCB size
● More efficient control and flexible design
The features of solution:

● Control mode: FOC sinusoidal control

● Startup mode: no Hall
● Control algorithm: SMO (refer to Microchip AN1078)
● Modulation mode: SVPWM
● Protection function: over current, under voltage, over voltage, over temperature protection, etc.
● Communication: support RS485 / CAN
● Main features: quick and reliable start, good dynamic performance, high efficiency, low noise
● Supports driving 2-3 brushless motors at the same time

Target application:
● Intelligent dishwasher, range hood, etc.


Narrow range input

Full range input
• 120-373VDC

Key Components

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