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Internet of Vehicles T-Box Secure Connection Solution

Published time : 2019-02-15 NXP Micron Mcirochip ON Semiconductor
The rapid development of science and technology, the popularity of automobiles and the Internet have led more and more people to explore efficient and intelligent driving solutions.

Solution Introduction

T-Box, generally refers to the intelligent vehicle terminal in the car networking system, directly communicates with the car CAN bus, obtains the vehicle body status, vehicle condition information, and uploads these parameters to the TSP background, and can also receive the instructions issued by the background and return the execution. result.

Based on this, the remote control function can be extended to mobile apps, smart keys, etc., and supports various audio and video entertainment systems.

Typical application scenario

Typical application scenario

Main function and performance parameters

1, using the main control chip I.MX6UL, support for the Linux operating system

2, dual high-speed Ethernet interface, suitable for high-speed interconnection in the car

3, support EMMC, large capacity data storage space

4, using SIM7600CE 4G module

5, GPS + Gsensor

6, support multiple CAN / UART / I2C / SPI connection interface, can expand more peripherals

7, to achieve the car network standard terminal T-BOX function

8. Use the security encryption chip NCJ38A0HN/DS28C36 to securely encrypt the data.

Car Network T-Box Secure Connection Solution Block Diagram

Internet of Vehicles T-Box Secure Connection Solution

Product physical map, for reference only

Vehicle Network T-Box Secure Connection Solution Physical Map

Application field:
Automotive Electronics - Internet of Vehicles

Key Components

No. Part Number Manufacturer
4 MC32PF3000A0EP NXP