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Application scheme of 55V input buck chip based on MPS MP4570 in smart rearview mirror

Published time : 2020-05-28 MP4570
This article will tell you more information about application scheme of 55V input buck chip based on MPS MP4570 in smart rearview mirror, so you just need to read it carefully.

Solution Introduction

The main function of the smart rear-view mirror is to record the relevant information such as images and sounds during the driving of the vehicle, as well as to provide evidence for traffic accidents. Also because of the addition of microphone, wifi, GPS, gravity sensor senser, Bluetooth and other modules, it can provide voice interaction, navigation, speed measurement, screenshot recording, wireless transmission, phone calls, intelligent reminders through the driver's voice or screen touch operation And other rich functions. In addition, through the powerful image processing chip, the smart rearview mirror can even perform real-time image recognition, providing important driving assistance reminder functions such as emergency brake recording, front car spacing, front car start reminder, lane deviation, etc. This is an important direction for the development of vehicle imaging systems in the future.

The power supply of the smart rearview mirror mainly comes from the car's battery. The common voltage is 12V and 24V, which ensures the continuous recording of the rearview mirror and the realization of various functions. The main components of the smart rearview mirror are controlled by the main control chip (for images Processing and controlling each component, built-in a set of operating system), memory, camera, touch screen, various senser, etc. MP4570 voltage input range is 4.5V to 55V, which can provide high range input range and 3A continuous current. The wide input voltage range can be suitable for various buck applications. The stable and efficient power supply chip MP4570 is the basis for the smart rearview mirror to run various powerful functions perfectly.

Display board photos

Physical circuit board

Standard application schematic

MP4570-Layout Reference

Core technical advantages

MP4570 is a step-down chip with adjustable operating frequency, which directly integrates High Lovw MOSFET and can provide 3A continuous current, while taking into account current control, fast load response and high efficiency. The wide input range of 4.5V to 55V, the application efficiency of 12V input 3.3V 1A has reached 92%, which also allows it to be used in high-voltage use scenarios such as automotive consumption, industry, POE, and automatic painting. For automotive products, MP4570 is the first choice for these products due to its stable and efficient performance.

Scheme specifications

1. Wide input voltage range: 4.5V to 55V

2. 90mΩ and 70mΩ internal High Low MOSFET

3. Peak current mode control

4. Definable switching frequency

5. Adjustable external soft start

6. Peak current detection and OCP protection

7. Support external SYNC clock

8. The current limit reduces heat when the output is shorted

9. Power good indication

10. Thermal shutdown protection

11. Adopt TSSOP-20 EP package.

Key Components

No. Part Number Manufacturer
1 MP4570 MPS