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Wearable device solution based on chip DA14680

Published time : 2018-09-28 smart touch device
Dialog launched the SmartBondTM DA14680 chip in 2015, a highly integrated and flexible Bluetooth low-power single-chip solution designed for wearable electronic devices.

Solution Introduction

This is the first one-stop chip solution for wearable and charging devices. 

In the SmartBondTM family, this is the best performance, ultra-low power, lowest system cost, and smallest footprint.

Therefore, many smart bracelets and smart watches can see it.

The chip supports the latest Bluetooth 4.2 standard, flexible memory provides a full range of design freedom, multi-sensor array management and always-on sensing, it can use different specifications in different scenarios.

In addition, due to the flexible and rich support system of the chip, it is a single-chip solution that can help engineers develop a complete multi-sensor wearable device with a charge cycle that is user-satisfied and context-aware.

Wearable device base on da14680

Solution Features
Bluetooth 4.2

Cortex M0 application processor

Dedicated HW crypto engine

Flexible memory architecture: 8 Mb FLASH, 64 kB OTP memory, 128 kB Data SRAM, 16 kB Cache SRAM, 128 kB ROM

Integrated battery and system PMU

Power supply 1.7 -5 V

Single pin RF I/O

Rich set of analog and digital peripherals (core and optional specification)

8 Mb executable Flash


Processing power on-demand

Unlimited execution space
High-level security

PMU can power a complete wearable system

Advanced interfaces for voice commands and audio support

World-class radio performance

Sensor hub functionality

Optimized for flexibility, lowest power consumption, smallest footprint and lowest system cost

Wearable device solution based on chip DA14680 block diagram

Application filed:

Wearable devices, virtual reality, smart home, human-computer interaction devices, other rechargeable devices

External multi-sensor

The SmartBond DA14680 can help you implement all the features of the situation-aware, multi-sensor, and add the appropriate sensors according to the needs of specific application scenarios.

Ultra low power consumption

 All hardware in the DA14680 is designed to save power.

These include the 30μA/MHz ARM CORTEX-M0 application processor, integrated sensor hub functionality and hardware encryption engine. 

The chip-integrated power management unit, which includes power pins, chargers, and fuel gauges, natively supports rechargeable lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries and can power an entire wearable system. Powerful

Processor features

The DA14680 delivers outstanding processor performance at speeds up to 84DMIPS. 

What's more, its unique FlexPower feature ensures that high performance continues to work as long as needed, and saves power when you don't need it. 

You can dynamically control processor speed through software from 0MHz to 96MHz to match your application's needs.

Flexible memory

To give engineers maximum design freedom, the DA14680 can execute Flash or One Time Programmable (OTP) memory code.

Flash provides unlimited execution space and wireless (OTA) updates, while OTP offers another simple way to reduce costs.

High security

The chip integrates a dedicated hardware encryption engine using hashing technology (SHA-512), symmetric (AES-256) and asymmetric cryptography (ECC), and true random number generator technology.

While saving energy, it provides bank-level security and uses end-to-end encryption technology to keep personal information secure.

Key Components

No. Part Number Manufacturer
1 DA14680-01F08A92 Dialog