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The MPU Development Solution of Renesas RZ Series R8A77430

Published time : 2018-10-22 Renesas
Renesas' RZ/G1 series is a multi-core microprocessor (MPU) with high-end graphics and multi-stream video. It uses ARM Cortex-A7 and A15 CPU cores, operates at up to 1.5GHz, 3D image accelerator, 1080p/60fps H. 264 video codec (CODEC) and high speed DDR3 external memory interface.

Solution Introduction

Its main applications are high-end human-machine interface (HMI) displays, network video camera systems, embedded video such as gestures and object recognition, medical image 3D rendering, home automation gateways, and two-way video telephony.

RZ/G Series microprocessors enable rapid development of high-performance applications. Designed for industrial, home appliance, and office equipment markets, the RZ/G Series extends the capabilities of the successful RZ/A Series MPUs to deliver high-end performance in applications .

The RZ/G series features up to 1.5 GHz CPUs, 3D graphics acceleration, 1080p@60fps H.264 video codec, and high-speed DDR3 external memory interface to provide ample performance Margin for your next design.

The block diagram of RZ/G1M (R8A77430)

The block diagram of RZ/G1M (R8A77430)

The Main features of the RZ serie

sARM Cortex-A7 and A15 CPU cores in dual and quad configurations for power or performance optimization

Imagination Technologies 3D graphics engine for image rendering plus industry-leading 1080p 60fps H.264 video codec

Compatible IP across entire RZ/G series lineup

Rich ecosystem of design and system integration partners

The advantages of RZ series

Tailor your designs with ARM’s lowest power or highest performance 32-bit cores

Enhance GUIs with 3D graphics and video to improve expressiveness and add value to your end-application

Utilize same drivers and software across your product line to enable product scalability

Compress your development cycle by leveraging growing system integrator and IP design network

RZ/G series application case:

High-end human machine interface (HMI) displays

Networked video camera systems

Embedded vision (e.g. gesture and object recognition)

3D rendering for medical imaging

Home automation gateways

2-way video telephony

The Renesas Starter Kit for RZ/G1M microprocesso

The Renesas Starter Kit for RZ/G1M microprocessor (MPU) is a complete development platform to evaluate and develop intelligent HMI applications on RZ/G1M MPU. The RZ/G1M MPU offers a high performance dual-core 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A15 CPU, PowerVR SGX544MP2 3D graphics accelerator and hardware codec that supports Full HD video. The kit has Linux and Android BSP support enabling you to create rich HMI-based applications.

RZ/G1M (R8A77430) Starter Board (RSK) Outline Drawing

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Key Components

No. Part Number Manufacturer
10 R8A77850ADBGV#RD0Z Renesas
11 R8A77850ANBGV Renesas