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Sub-G wireless module solution

Published time : 2018-09-18 wireless interconnection
The Sub-G wireless module solution mainly uses the HC16LC series MCU of Huada Semiconductor.To improve the wireless interconnection field and enable users to fully enjoy the fun of wireless Internet access.

Solution Introduction

The wireless module is a high-performance IoT wireless transceiver that can be widely used in short-range IoT wireless communication in various applications.

The utility model has the advantages of small volume, low power consumption, long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability and low cost.

The module is compact in design and small in size. The module has an MCU with integrated RF module. The interface is completely open to the outside world. When the customer uses it, it avoids the difficulty of RF hardware design and has more flexible secondary development space in software and product structure. .

The Huada MCU HC16LC series uses the C80251 core, which has 40 times the processing power of the standard C8051 at the same time and frequency.

Main function and performance parameters

Highly integrated ultra low power half-duplex micropower wireless data transmission module embedded with high-speed microcontroller and high-performance RF chip

Support LORA spread spectrum, FSK mode modulation

Frequency range 430M/470M/490MHZ can be customized

The module emits 50mW (17dB) and has a sensitivity of up to -148 dBm.

Transmission distances up to several hundred meters to several kilometers

Support wireless wake-up and low voltage detection

The emission current and receiving current vary slightly depending on the module, and the external antenna is optional.

Can be widely used in wireless POS systems, highway automatic toll collection systems, wireless crane scales, wireless transmission electronic scales, bank queuing management systems and other markets

Program application filed

Wireless POS system, highway automatic toll collection system, wireless crane scale, wireless transmission electronic scale, bank queue management system, etc.

The block diagram of Sub-G wireless module solution

The block diagram of Sub-G wireless module solution

The HC16L family of MCUs is an ultra-low-power microcontroller with proprietary intellectual property, ideal for battery-powered applications with its powerful 16-bit core, innovative ultra-low power technology, fast wake-up times and numerous optional peripherals. And any system that requires high performance and low power consumption.


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