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Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Solution

Published time : 2018-09-18 NXP industrial control
The programmable logic control (PLC) solution mainly uses related chips manufactured by NXP. This can well meet the needs of industrial control.

Solution Introduction

The programmable logic control (PLC) is an integral part of industrial control.

Its main function is to control each machine or workstation in real time, making low-deterministic (predictable) delay a key factor.

The main module of the PLC is the central processing module (control module) that controls the input and output (I/O) modules. The I/O module captures sensor data and controls various devices such as switches, actuators, and other industrial equipment. The control module and the I/O module together form a control loop.

The Brick PLC has a fixed number of I/Os and therefore requires less processing. Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a simple keyboard or LCD display

Modular or chassis-based PLCs achieve scalability by adding I/O and control modules.

They have higher processing requirements and can be connected to more advanced HMI interfaces, including color displays with 2D / 3D graphics

Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Solution Block Diagram

Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Solution

Key Components

No. Part Number Manufacturer
3 LPC1125JBD48/303QL NXP
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