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NB-IoT+MCU Universal Application Platform Solution

Published time : 2018-09-03 Optical Access Transport Network MCU
The NB-IoT universal application platform with power-consuming MCU can not only use the Boudica150 NB-IoT module or low-power MCU for related application development, but also combine the two to complete data collection, processing and uploading in more complex environments. Flexible and adaptable to multiple environments.

Solution Introduction

The introduction of NB-IoT+MCU Universal Application Platform Solution

NB-IoT module, integrated with the Haisi boudica150 chip, can communicate with the carrier infrastructure through the 3GPP NB-IoT protocol, support 3GPP rel13/rel14, use BPSK and QPSK modulation, frequency range from 698MHz to 2180MHz, output power 23dBm, maximum Support for connecting 55,000 device units. Huada HC32L110 MCU, 32MHz Cortex-M0+ 32-bit CPU platform, 2us wake-up time from ultra-low power mode, system response is agile, current is only 6uA under 32.768KHz operation, with rich peripheral interfaces: UART*2, LPUART, I2C SPI, etc., can meet the low power application environment.

Program characteristics

1. Boudica150 NB-IoT module:
                   1) Support 3GPP REL13/14, frequency 698-2180MHz
                   2) + 20 dB extended coverage
                   3) Integrated RF transmitter, protocol processor, support for BPSK and QPSK modulation
                   4) External interface: UART
                   5) Internal integrated power management module

2. HDSC HC32L110:
                   1) ARM Cortex-M0+ 32MHz
                   2) 16/32KB FLASH
                   3) 2/4KB RAM
                   4) UART*3, SPI*1, I2C
Application field

Security monitoring, environmental monitoring, logistics tracking, smart city, solar inverter gateway management, large agricultural data

Typical application scenario

Security monitoring: smoke / CO / volatile gas detection
Environmental Monitoring: Temperature/Humidity Detection
Smart City: shared bicycles, parking lots, trash can monitoring, emergency lights, etc.

Smart wear: bracelets, watches, sports shoes, etc.

NB-IoT+MCU Universal Application Platform Solution Framework

Key Components

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