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IP camera video surveillance solution

Published time : 2018-09-28 NXP smart touch device
The IP camera video surveillance solution uses a powerful NXP processor to speed up data image processing and provide more stable and reliable performance.

Solution Introduction

Today's IP cameras are becoming more and more digital, offering even more features in a compact, compact form factor. 

New sensors and features are also being added to support such things as motion-sensitive activation and better low-light recording.

These endpoint camera cameras are becoming more powerful, enabling facial recognition, detection and instant processing and operation on high-end servers without having to do this in the cloud.

The web feed of the camera can be sent to a video processor or recorder anywhere in the world for more analysis.

Even today's processors use this camera to improve processing power, use less power, and some can be powered by batteries.

Features of solution

Powerful and scalable i.MX processor provides powerful support for collecting and processing video input
Multiple video input types and video output options

Wired Ethernet backhaul for data can connect to any Wi-Fi chipset

Target application

IP camera
Baby monitor
Indoor monitor
Surveillance cameras

IP camera video surveillance solution block diagram

IP camera video surveillance solution block diagram

Key Components

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