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EOC C-Link MO1.1+ solution

Published time : 2018-09-20 communication network
High-frequency EOC C-Link MO1.1+ solution, the final user terminal data throughput rate of up to 800Mbps, can be well resolved in the home network environment, can be directly connected through the home Cable coaxial cable.

Solution Introduction

Main function and performance parameters:

High frequency EOC protocol 950-1525M frequency

Channel bandwidth up to 200M

Transmission packet error rate <1e-5

Forward error correction

Modem + analog front end 2 chip high integration solution,

Low power consumption, users access to 800Mbps Internet access.

The core advantages of the solution:

The central office Maxlinear EN1051+EN3681 high integration dual IC analog + modulation demodulation + MAC / PHY solution, to meet the EOC MOCA1.1 + protocol.

The high-frequency EOC achieves 4 times bandwidth through *4, and finally reaches 800M high throughput to meet the needs of home Internet access.

The terminal adopts the supporting EN1050+EN3690 to realize the 100M bandwidth of the household.

The application segment of EOC C-Link MO1.1:

High-frequency ECO MOCA1.1+ home coaxial high-speed Internet

EOC C-Link MO1.1+ solution terminal project block diagram

EOC C-Link MO1.1+ solution terminal project block diagram

EOC C-Link MO1.1+ solution local end project block diagram

Key Components

No. Part Number Manufacturer
1 TPS563200DDCR TI
3 830154AMI-08LF IDT
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