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Access control high-end architecture

Published time : 2018-09-19 NXP security monitoring
The access control high-end architecture solution mainly uses NXP's powerful i.MX application processor, which can effectively realize facial recognition, and takes the first step for your home intelligence and residential safety.

Solution Introduction

As the leader in contact and contactless access control solutions, NXP combines the powerful i.MX application processor to complement your access control solution.

Powerful processors will support advanced features such as cameras for face recognition and proximity detection, as well as support for extended communications via Gigabit Ethernet or wireless interfaces such as Bluetooth Low Energy or Zigbee/Thread.

Jotrin Electronics provides you with the relevant solution framework and recommends the electronic components for your need 

Access control high-end architecture block diagram

Access control high-end architecture

Application field

Security Monitoring
Access control

Key Components

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