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Based on Infineon's fifth generation Coolset ICE5QSAG 50W Open frame power solution

Published time : 2020-03-24 ICE5QSAG
This article will tell you more about Infineon's fifth generation Coolset ICE5QSAG 50W Open frame power solution, such as it's core technology advantages and solution specifications.

Solution Introduction

In consumer applications, the power adapter (Adapter) or mobile phone charger will use the PWM IC to convert energy. In response to the current changes in science and technology, the functions of electronic 3C products continue to increase, whether the power supply is available, and therefore, during the power conversion process, it is gradually required to be more efficient in size, efficiency, and functionality. Okay. Infineon launched the fifth-generation power IC with a new quasi-resonant operation mechanism. In addition to the built-in perfect protection function of the product, it can also achieve high power output through an external MOSFET. The maximum power can reach 60W. More flexible in application and design. The suitable application occasions of the product itself are from Coolset, such as standby power supply, open frame, and adapter. In addition, the product itself has a high degree of integration and high integration, which can greatly reduce external parts, achieve layout easily, and reduce customer design. Difficulty and shorten the product design time to achieve a win-win goal.

1. When Vac = 115V or 230V, the average efficiency can reach 80%.

2. Standby power consumption is less than 100mW Vac = 230V.

3. When Vac = 85V, the startup time is less than 400mS, fast start function.

4. With SCP, OLP, OVP and OTP protection mechanisms.

5. EMI can be lower than 6dB safety requirements.

6. Output ripple meets +/- 1% requirement.

Scene application diagram

Product entity diagram

Display board photos

Solution block diagram

Core technology advantages

1. Standby power consumption can be less than 100mW @ 230Vac

2. The operating mode is Quasi-Resonant, which can reduce MOSFET Switch loss and improve efficiency.

3. With quick start mechanism.

4. With 2 Active burst mode levels to choose from.

5. Built-in digital soft start function.

6. Step by step peak current limit.

7. The output load is reduced, and the operating frequency is gradually reduced, which can improve efficiency.

8. With input over-voltage and Brown in / out protection mechanism.

9. With Vcc and CS pin short to ground protection.

10. All protection mechanisms are Auto-restart.

Solution specifications

1. Input voltage range: Vac = 85V (60Hz) ~ 300V (50Hz)

2. Output two sets of voltage specifications: Vo = 12V / 3.75A and 5V / 1A

3. Both EMI conduction and radiation can pass the EN55022 class B specification

4. ESD test (± 14 kV for contact and ± 16 kV air discharge)

5 PCB size: 160 * 83 * 43mm

Key Components

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