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  • Published time : 2020-04-03
    From this article you will get more information about CC2541 Bluetooth voltage regulator solution for BLE car.
  • Published time : 2019-04-29
    AN-3533-BRBT Bluetooth Optical Mouse Concept Design,this design guide describes the design of a low power consumpTIon Bluetooth opTIcal mouse using the Avago Technologies ADNS-3530 opTIcal navigaTIon sensor and Broadcom BCM92042MDX-B88 Bluetooth ROM module.
  • Published time : 2019-04-22
    With the popularity of bluetooth headset, the price of bluetooth headset is increasingly competitive.In addition to the user's requirement for high-pitched quality when listening to music, the user also hopes that the bluetooth headset can have special functions. In response, the anti-noise function of the bluetooth headset comes.
  • Published time : 2018-08-20
    The GWB5B module is a complete Bluetooth solution with CSR BC05 Bluetooth chip and 8M/16M Flash memory. It is a low-cost, highly integrated short-range wireless communication system. Can be embedded in electronic devices that require Bluetooth connectivity, such as PND, home audio, car speakers, hands-free devices.