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Jotrin Electronics Limited - Company Profile

Jotrin Electronics Limited has offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, We are a professional agent of electronic components distributor with many years of industry experience. JOTRIN is certified to the ISO9001:2015 international quality standard and ISO14001:2015 environmental management standard. We're selling all kinds of the active components such as integrated circuits,transient suppression diode (TVS tube), a full range of chip tantalum capacitors, and diodes, transistors etc with the famous brands such as ADI, Xilinx, Lattice, NXP, Toshiba, Microchip, Intel, AMD, STMicroelectronics, SAMSUNG, Vishay,  Littelfuse, and other semiconductor components. 

JOTRIN has established a good cooperative relationship with the manufacturers and world-famous brands from Europe & the US, Southeast Asia, Japan, and South Korea, we have a stable supply chain,100% quality guarantee, competitive price, fast delivery, and perfect after-sales service. The company is on the basis of equality and mutually beneficial business philosophy, a unique marketing strategies, pragmatic and enterprising spirit, we designed for medium and large enterprises to do perfect supporting services. At the same time, We attach great importance to a partnership with their peers and cherish any opportunity for cooperation and sharing.


Our products are mainly used in aerospace, communications, automotive, power control, computer equipment, household appliances, electronic equipment and other fields, we have a number of global components suppliers and work closely together. To "price advantage, high-quality goods, the fastest delivery and perfect after-sales service" for business tenets, dedicated to the global OEM, CEM, EMS electronics manufacturers and traders.

Our business range involved in electronics, automotive, military, communications, instrumentation, industrial control, GPS, Security Electronics and Products matching, etc. Primarily supporting the wholesale electronics business mainly to provide integrated circuits and electronic products devices, our high-tech services are in the international and the domestic IC industry has been in a leading trend.

  • Communications

  • Household Appliances

  • Electronic Equipment

  • Power Control

  • Industrial Control

  • Automotive

Why Choose Us

  • Authorized

    We has established a good cooperative relationship with the manufacturers and world-famous brands from Europe

  • Distribution lines

    Through long-term and close cooperation with more than 300 suppliers in more than 30 countries and regions on four continents with advanced electronics industry, we help customers find the best order price and the shortest delivery time.

  • Shortage supply

    Master diverse supply chain resources and provide customers with all kinds of scarce electronic components,and always aim to connect our customers to global supply chain in most efficient ways.

  • Value-added services

    Offers value-added services such as technical support, configuration, integration, design-in selection, replacements recommendation, programming, third-party test reports, etc.

Customer Service

  • People-oriented -- Customer satisfaction is our business goal, Jotrin must first have satisfied employees, good employees can provide a good service for each customer in order to win customer's satisfaction, customer's satisfaction continuing to bring benefits to the enterprise, Jotrin's development is permanent.

  • Honesty management -- Honesty that is competitive is the market, honesty is the wealth; Deep moral in order to set all things, deep sincerity to sense of hundred people, full credit over to win thousands.

  • Harmony in hand -- Harmony is our calm and orderly work, the interpersonal relationships on the tolerance and understanding, and in the social relations the company to build internal and external harmony, unity and good atmosphere from top to bottom.

  • Dutifully customers -- We must make every effort to serve every customer.

  • Suppliers -- all supplier cooperations should be based on equality, long-term, mutually beneficial basis.

  • The environmental and society -- we pay attention to environmental protection when engage in business activities and rational use of global resources, do every effort to make more contributions to the community.

Contact JOTRIN

  • Headquarters

  • Address: Room G, 4th Floor, 1st Block, Golden Building, 152 Fuk Wah Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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  • Sales Room

  • Address: Room 3702, Xinhao Edu, No. 7018, Caitian Road Futian, Shenzhen, China, 518038

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